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Happy Belly 50ml

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A gentle herbal preparation made from 100% natural ingredients. Tolerated by even the most sensitive animals, Happy Belly will help protect and promote natural gut flora. The combination of herbal and homeopathic ingredients in Happy Belly, helps create subtle changes within the gut and acts as a replacement to natural foraging.

Suitable for: dogs, cats and horses.

May be given to bitches in whelp and cats in kitten.

May be given to Kittens and puppies from two weeks.

Tincture prepared using Organic Cider Vinegar.

Herbal content - Hibiscus, Thyme, Ginger Root, Cloves, natural salts, organic Bitter Apple Homeopathic content - Filix-mas 12x, Cina 12x, Ferrum-met 12x, Sulphur 30, Abrotanium 12x, Teucrium-mar 12x

Fed at least one day each month.

Using the pipette provided, for dog’s place 1ml directly into your dog’s mouth every day for one month. May be given in food, drink or treats.

Cats 0.5ml once per month. Kittens 0.25ml once per month. May feed daily if required.

If your pet has worms, feed daily for 7-10 days, weekly for 3 weeks, then monthly thereafter.



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