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Soul Contracts With Animals


In many ancient cultures such as the Chinese, Greek, Nordic, the old myths teach us that we as individuals are tied to other people that we're pre-ordained to meet throughout this lifetime. For example, the legend of the "Threads of Destiny" or "Red Threads" describes how invisible red threads bind certain people together that are destined to meet and then it's all just a matter of timing. 

But it's not just about a soulmate, it can be for friends, family, challenges, or certain people that come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime and this even includes animals. 

A soul contract is a sacred agreement you make on an unconscious level, with other souls before coming into the experience of the human body. The soul contracts include companion animals that come into our lives either for a short or long time. We can even share multiple lifetimes with the same companion animal but it's about their connection helping our soul's evolution. 

These spiritual connections through these pre-destined meetings with either animals or people, that come into our path of life, teach us much-needed life lessons both negative and positive and they can often shape events or certain outcomes. But the lessons we learn are for the overall growth of our soul, both from past lifetimes and for future lifetimes.

Tammy Billups specialist in "Tandem Healings" - animal and human relationships, with her 20+ years of work, has discovered that through every interaction with an animal irrespective of whether it's from a short interaction i.e. in nature to the long term interaction you have living with your pet for years, there are 7 types of soul contracts designed to assist both the animal and the person.

The Animal-Human Soul Contract Types

  • Physical agreements. Animals have their owner's physical issues or absorb the energy of the issue or emotional problems and take on similar symptoms.
  • Emotional wound agreements. Animals that hold the same energetic wound protection patterns as their human companion the five core emotional wounds are abandonment, betrayal, terror, invasiveness, and detachment from one's inner self.
  • Projection agreements. They are related to emotional wounds but emotions such as fear, anger etc. are projected onto other being especially if the person or animal has been abused, suffered severe trauma, deep hurt etc.
  • Karma agreements. Are the balancing of unconscious and conscious agreements around the feeling and beliefs a person had in past choices. It's about resetting the scale of karma from past life experiences by being kind and helping all animals that a person comes into contact with.
  • Unconscious mirror agreements. Are messages from the animal that give a person a deeper insight into oneself through the behaviour the animal exhibits so that a person can become more aware and change the energy.
  • Symbolism agreements. This is whereby everything that is happening in a person's physical world is a direct reflection of what is happening within and it's through observing the animal a person finds answers
  • The pinnacle teachings. These agreements have the highest vibration and are about receiving and giving, love, trust, compassion, joy, true friendship etc. some of the most precious and free gifts one being can give to another without expectation. The animal who teaches these things transforms the person into a better human being.

source Tammy Billups

Animal Soul Contracts 

Soul contracts with animals are normally always around a healing or learning experience but oftentimes their most important lesson is that they mentor us in how to love whilst teaching us other life lessons like bonding with another "species" as such, devotion, loyalty and communicating through non-verbal cues. They often accompany us through some of the worst or most difficult events in our lives, like the death of a parent, partner, broken relationship etc. They help us overcome challenges and to heal.

Their life lessons can include things like finding a balance, learning respect and irrespective of the time they are with us, they teach us to learn and grow as they are generally a reflection or mirror of ourselves or have a parallel to our own life experience.

One of their important life lessons is teaching us to fall in love with animals and nature and those of us that have been blessed with animal companions in our lives, know that through our pet's we've learned to appreciate both the animal and plant kingdoms much more than those souls that travel through this life without at an animal companion. 

Why is this so fundamental? Because animals and plants are critical to the order of the world. Without the delicate equilibrium between plants and animals, their ecosystems would collapse causing catastrophic consequences to our systems. We learn that they are worth fighting for, that they deserve our respect and that they are far wiser than most people give them credit for. Plants and animals are the unsung heroes of our world and bring us a sense of wholeness.

When an animal comes into your life there is an exchange of energy and they ultimately help increase your vibrational frequency to a higher level.  That's why it's important that you as a pet owner understand that your pet also has spiritual needs, not just emotional, physical and mental needs. For those pet owners that are with pets that have been mistreated, badly abused, have behavioural issues etc. then what they experience with you may not be just helping their soul to heal but also yours's or for the healing of your past life experiences. 

Animals and even plants are far more aware of their life's purpose and connection to the universe than most humans. They function on a much deeper and authentic level outside of all the labels and mainstream systems we've been taught to wrongly respect, like valuing money and materialism over a connection with the earth's energies and sustainability of the planet.

Whether they are from the insect world, are birds or furry friends we share our home with, animals and plants help bring about our soul's transformation. They help us heal, show us how to love, teach us respect and if you're paying attention to their lessons, they give us clarity so we can continue moving forward with our soul's growth. They can teach us more about how to open our heart connection and listen to our instincts than anything we can learn through all the other life choices we think we need to make.

Our connection to animals and plants helps us become better people, to care about something other than ourselves and the "get ahead attitude" we've been schooled on. We should be grateful for the time they are with us and take every opportunity to learn from their universal wisdom.

Trust that when an animal comes into your life for whatever reason or timeframe, you've pre-planned this meeting before coming into the experience of the human body. In the world of quantum physics, they are beginning to comprehend now that once the body dies both the soul and mind move forward into a different universal frequency, so what you learn in this lifetime determines future timelines throughout the universe. It all comes back to the butterfly wings theory and more importantly, that we're all connected even on levels we in the human body can't understand yet.

Animals and plants, trees etc. have a deep sense of knowing most humans are totally blind to, Their field of aura grows when they are shown a true heart connection and pure love and this impacts everything around them, by raising the vibrational frequency of the planet. 

They're deeply connected to the energies of the earth, the moon cycles, the seasons, your spirit guides etc. We should learn to pay more attention to their way of being, to be open to love and acceptance, take on their message of compassion, learn to communicate with them on a physic level for their ether knowledge and most of all, be extremely grateful for the time any animal comes into our life. 

Every interaction with an animal is a moment to learn and grow your soul and be better connected to the divine order of things and remember any interactions you as an individual have has been pre-planned before you came into this life experience so let animals be your teacher and grow your soul.

NOW, we'd love to hear your feedback so LEAVE A COMMENT and feel free to share this with people you think will love it.

Natural lifestyle, naturally health, naturally thriving!!


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