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Healing Crystals for Cats & Dogs


Years ago crystals were known as the "feminine soul" as they came directly from mother earth or were given life by mother earth. In ancient Greece it was thought that there were about 700 different stones or crystals that had a relationship with the mind, body and soul and could help with a whole variety of ailments. In China and Japan, crystals were and are still used to help heal problems with the body and soul and to bring the body back into balance.

Crystals have been integrated into healing for most of history but western cultures lost an important connection of working with the stones until recently. Many people are once again realising that crystals hold a lot of healing energy that can help eliminate negative energy, the effects of negative energy and protect against certain negative energetic frequencies.

Crystals are known to channel and transmit the vibrational energy from the earth of their extraction and they are a valuable healing tool in holistic medicine and energy healing treatments, as they can work and transform the energy around them.

Before we dig deeper into the healing power of crystals it's worth quickly touching on the importance of colour and how this relates to the chakras, the colour of the crystals and the energy of the body. 

Like everything else, colour has energy and is directly linked to light. Colour or the lights that make up colour vibrate at different speeds and frequencies. Warmer colours such as red, yellow, orange vibrate at a lower speed or frequency and blues and violets vibrate at quicker or higher frequencies.  

The chakras in the body are directly associated with the light colours or frequencies of the colours of the rainbow. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. Both you and your pet are filled with an internal rainbow in the body, these are the chakras or energy systems that connect the vibrational frequencies of light through the body and with universal source energy. 

If everything is in alignment and energy is able to flow it allows the body to draw on the light frequencies of the chakras to either increase or decrease the vibrational energy in the body.

This becomes important when we understand that chakras out of balance or stuck can begin to create un-ease and illness in the body. To help heal your pet's or your own energy you can begin to use the vibrational frequency of colour and use crystals to help realign yours or your pet's internal rainbow or chakra system.

Depending on the colour and structure of the crystal healing stones, they will work in alignment with the colours of the chakra system. 

What Are Crystals? 

Natural crystals are stones from the earth and are formed in different ways due to temperature and pressure. Some are formed when the molten from the earth's core begins to rise towards the surface and quickly cools on it's journey upwards. Others crystals are formed when a liquid evaporates. 

Crystal stones grow in 7 different geometric shapes. Crystals will have different structures depending on the molecules, atoms and environmental conditions in which they're formed.

Crystal stone is the name given to anything cut from the earth. Whereas gem, is the name given to those crystal stones that are given a marketing value like a diamond, ruby etc.

Ultimately, healing crystals are gems from mother earth that we can use to help cure physical and mental problems. When formed in the earth they mix with other minerals that increase their vibrational frequency. Crystals have lots of healing properties, have a constant vibrational energy that can transform energy, offer protection and crystals help heal energetic imbalances. Using crystals for healing is an ancient technique to aid well-being mentally, physically and spiritually.

Do Healing Crystals Work for Cats and Dogs?

Healing crystal stones can be extremely helpful in healing a cat or dog or keeping their energy tuned into flow. Like humans animals have chakras throughout their body that can be in or out of balance. Their energetic system is more complex than humans as they have chakras that directly connect to mother earth and the atmosphere and chakras that allow them to form a human-animal bond. 

An animal's energy frequency actually vibrates higher than a humans as they tend to be in tune with the frequencies of joy, happiness, contentment, unconditional love. 

When things happen like a new baby, a new pet, a child leaving the home to go to college, discord between family members etc. this directly impacts on the vibrational energy of your cat and dog. You know yourself when you get a good vibe about a person or place or someone you're talking too drags you're energy down. This happens everyday for your pet depending on the energy of "their pack". 

They absorb the energy around then and also transmit energy, but their energy can become quickly depleted or develop into illnesses as they are already trying to compensate for the lower energetic frequencies of humans. 

It's incredibly important for the well-being of your animal that you work on balancing your own energy first, as by way of osmosis, it will naturally begin to elevate your cat or dog's energy when you increase yours.

Animal Chakras and Colour 

Colours represent high or low energetic vibration and chakras help keep the balance of wellness or everything in flow with the energy meridians within the body.  The combination of working with the energy of the chakras and the colours and vibrational frequency of crystals are powerful in cleaning any negative energy and getting the meridian system back into balance.

Chakras are associated with areas of the body and colour as are crystals, and they work together to uplift and cleanse energies. The colours and chakras are linked as follows.

Animal Root Chakra or First Chakra 

Root or first chakra is associated with the colour red. It represents survival, the fight or flight instinct, family, safety, courage, sexual energy. 

The root chakra works the blood flow, circulation, immune system, reproductive organs and the lower half of the body - the legs feet and tail in your pet. 

Working with this chakra is useful for depression, low spiritual and physical energy, problems with the skin, post natal depression, bad circulation and anemia.

It's located at the base of the spine just before the tail starts 

For your pet this is associated with their pack, how safe and grounded your pet is in their environment and their relationship to others in the pack or household. This determines how well they listen to the leader and when this is out of balance their behaviour can almost seem disobedient. Or you may have a dog or cat that is very fearful or nervous as they don't feel safe. (1)

Animal Sacral Chakra or Second Chakra

Sacral or second chakra is associated with orange and linked to willpower. 

The chakra represents the stomach, intestines, spleen, bladder, pancreas lower back and hips. 

This chakra can work with intestinal problems, kidney problems, emotional unhappiness, inhibitions and timidity. 

It's related to one on one relationships so this is how your pet gets on with different people or animals in it's pack, the household. This tends to be the chakra were most of the human emotions your pet has to process go, this would include both your positive and negative emotions. (1)

Animal Solar Plexus Chakra or Third Chakra

The Solar Plexus Chakra or third chakra is associated with yellow and linked to self-esteem and self worth. 

The chakra represents the liver, kidneys, stomach, pancreas, spleen, adrenals.

The Solar Plexus chakra is useful for digestive problems, cardiac rhythm, stimulation of the mind as the food your pet eats is also directly linked to the mood of the mind. Auto-immune disease, inflammation and arthritis. 

This chakra is related to the feelings of goodness and sense of self-esteem, trust, gut instincts and reactions. If this is out of balance or over-active it can play out as anger, aggression, withdrawal or fear, dejected and no sense of playfulness.

Animal Heart Chakra or Fourth Chakra 

The Heart Chakra or fourth chakra is connected to the colour green or in the case of animals it's pink (1)  As the name implies this chakra is all about the heart and to do with love both for one-self and for others and unconditional love.

This chakra represents the heart, respiration system and upper back area. It helps with the rhythm of breathing and the balance of health. 

The heart chakra is useful for helping with heart of respiratory problems or the emotional trauma of these organs

The heart chakra deals with love, caring, compassion, empathy.  For your pet it's to do with their nurture, their pack and hierarchy within the pack. When this is not fully opened or it's un-balanced, it can lead to jealousy, possessiveness, emotional grief or separation anxiety and just a general unwillingness to interact with other cats or dogs around them. Emotional trauma is generally stored here for animals especially those that have come from broken homes, been put up for adoption, a pet owner dying or another beloved pet in the household etc.

Animal Throat Chakra or 5th Chakra  

The throat or 5th chakra is linked to the colour blue. 

This chakra deals with the throat, mouth, speech.  It's do with clarity and communication, being able to express yourself freely with integrity and honesty.

This chakra is useful for helping with the endocrine and nervous system, thyroid, recurring throat problem, hyperthyroidism in cats, hypothyroidism in dogs, problems with ears inflammations, skin and hair irritations. (1)

If this is out of balance it can oftentimes be displayed as excessive vocal communication in your cat or dog such as mewing and whining, inability to listen to commands, ignores you when called, aggression etc., just issues around communication in general.

Animal Third Eye or 6th Chakra

The third eye or 6th chakra is linked with the colour indigo. This chakra deals with intuition, third eye vision, being able to stay calm in any situation.

This chakra deals with the eyes, nose, pineal gland, brain, the upper part of the head. It help stimulate intuition and exploration of the mind.

This chakra is useful for dealing with neurological issues, learning issues and seizures.

When this is out of balance it can often be displayed as easily distracted or distant. It can physically present as problems with headaches and bad eyes, balance issues and in some case loss of smell and appetite. (1)

Animal Crown Chakra or 7th Chakra

The crown or 7th chakra is connected to violet. It's at the top of the head in between the ears for animals. This is the chakra that connects to spirit, to divine energy source.

It can be useful when dealing with the pineal glands and head trauma or issues.

When this is out of balance or not open your pet may sensitive to touch in this area. It can often be displayed as depression and disengaged with the environment around them, distrust in humans.

Animal Brachial Chakra or 8th Chakra

The Brachial chakra is an important chakra to be aware. It is connected with the colour black. This is the chakra that allows animals to bond with humans and also connects all their chakras throughout their entire body. Click here to read about the brachial and bud chakras on your pet.

If you have a new pet or have just adopted a pet this is a great place to start massaging as it helps form the bond between you and your new pet. It's also great to give this area a little massage every day as it reconnects you both and strengthens the emotional, physically and spiritual bond between you. 

If your cat or dog doesn't give you the time of day this is a great place to start with using the energies of the crystals and massage.  To locate the spot, find the top of your dog's front legs, specifically their shoulders, using both hands - one on either side of your pet, gently massage in a circular motion, one way and then the other. 

With new pets you may only get a few seconds but as you begin to build trust and bonding with your pet you should be able to do this for longer. Allow your pet to walk away at any point as they will absorb the energy they need for that moment in time.

Types of Healing Crystals for Cats and Dogs

Types of crystals for dog and cat chakra alignment, using the energy frequency of colour.

Root Chakra Crystals 

Red - Agata, Boodstone, Red Jasper, Red Carnelian.

Sacral Chakra Crystals 

Orange - Orange Calcite, Citrine, Orange carnelian, Amber, Tangerine Quartz

Solar Plexus Chakra Crystals 

Yellow - Yellow quartz, Yellow Jasper, Tigers Eye, Golden Heliodor, Yellow Topaz 

Heart Chakra Crystals 

Green or Pink - Emeralds, Jade, Green Aventurine, Malachite, Green Ocean Jasper

Pink - Rose Quartz, Rhodochrosite, Rhodonite, 

Throat Chakra Crystals 

Blue -  Turquoise, Aquamarine,Lapis Lazuli, Angelite, Blue Lace Agate

Third Eye Chakra Crystals 

Indigo - Indigo Aura Quartz, Purple Amethyst, Purple Fluorite, Purple Scapolite

Crown Chakra Crystals 

 Violet -  Charoite, Eudialyte, Purple Amethyst, Tanzanite, Lepidolite

Brachial Chakra Crystals 

Black - Black Tourmaline, black jade, black moonstone, obsidian

ow to Use Crystals for Healing

You can place certain crystals around your pet when they are lying down or under their bed or have a regular time set aside to do reiki with crystals or a chakra massage.  You can also meditate with the crystals and your pet in the room. 

If you're placing crystals under their bed, you can switch the crystals in and out on different days so their whole system gets re-energised. You'll also need to cleanse the crystals from time to time to remove and negative energy they've absorb. Doing this regularly helps your crystals keep a higher vibrational frequency.

You can easily cleanse your crystals by placing them in the moonlight for the evening or in both the moon and sunlight. Be mindful of the type of crystal you're cleansing so it's not affected by rainfall or too much exposure to sunlight, but a nice way to re-energise your crystals are to leave them out from dusk to dawn. Be careful with the softer crystals so they don't get damaged. 

You can also rinse your stones for a minute or two under running water. Ideally a water source directly coming out of the earth or if not then try using filtered water. You may also want to pop them in the ground for a few hours beforehand. They are from the earth or "feminine soul" so having some time in the earth itself helps cleanse, re-align their energies with the earth and maintain their vibrational frequency.

When you start to integrate regular chakra massages, reiki and the use of crystals, you help prevent against negative energetic frequencies with your cat or dog and clean up any energy. Crystals become great tools to help with an integrated approach to healing as they'll work with the emotional, physical and mental well-being of your pet. 

You can also use them to speed up the healing of ailments, help with any emotional issues and generally keep the chakras tuned up. 

If you know your pet well and continue to see re-occurring issues, it can be a sign the something is wrong with the energy surrounding a particular chakra, it may be a sign that they have an underlying illness or an imbalance of energy that you'll need to work with. Being aware of your pet's chakras helps you quickly spot any imbalances in your pet's energy and deal with some of the day to day problems that may come up with your animal's health. 

* When buying crystals please ensure they are from sustainable sources both for the environment and the communities that extract them. Over the last 5 years there has been a huge upsurge in people buying crystals for healing that it has now become a US$billion business. However, it's not well regulated and a lot of the areas where crystals are sourced are places like Madagascar, Brazil and India etc. where local communities are often exploited and where they themselves have to actually physically mine for the stones. Their average wage is around US$1.90 a day and to date the industry doesn't support fair trade. 

The more we buy crystals from these types of sources the more we hurt families trying to survive and the environment. Please be mindful of where your products are coming from and always ask if they are from a sustainable source. Seek proof. 

The more we seek and buy sustainable products across everything we purchase, the more suppliers will change how they do business and hopefully uplift the quality of life for miners and farmers alike and the environment. (2)

NOW, we'd love to hear your feedback so LEAVE A COMMENT and feel free to share this with people you think will love it.

Natural lifestyle, naturally health, naturally thriving!!


(1) Energy Healing for Animals. Joan Ranquet
(2) Dark crystals brutal reality - https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2019/sep/17/healing-crystals-wellness-mining-madagascar
(3) naturalchakrahealing.com
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