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Indoor Activities for Your Pet

It's a known fact that both your cat or dog need to have their aerobic exercise. Not only is it something that is innate in them to chase and run but ...
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The Secret to Working at Home with Your Pet.

Working from home can be a big game changer for both your and your pet. You may have mixed feelings about the change but it will also impact your cat ...
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Eco-Friendly Beds for Your Cat and Dog

Following our post about protecting your pet from the toxins found in toys and the fact that sadly the pet industry is much less regula...
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Warning – Avoid These Toys for Your Cat & Dog

With cheaper and cheaper products on the market, be aware that a new and old toys can be dangerous for your cat or dog.  Over the last ...
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Fermented Foods - Reduce Your Pet's Meat Consumption

Do you want to cut back on the amount of meat you're feeding your pet without compromising their health? A simple way to feed more vegetables and plan...
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Vegetarian & Vegan Diet for Cats

Your cat is an obligatory carnivore which means It's biological essential for your cat's survival to eat meat. Your cat's natural ...
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Vegetarian and Vegan Diets for Dogs

"Dogs and cats, being carnivores by nature, are meant to eat raw meat and do not have a problem doing so." Dr. Richard PitcairnAs more feeding choices...
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Symptoms of Separation Anxiety in Your Cat or Dog

Separation anxiety can be both stressful for the pet and you and it can present itself in both cats and dogs. The most common type of separation ...
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Travelling With Your Pet

There are a number of reasons you may decide to travel with your pet and in many cases it can be great for a pet to be with you on a holiday. However,...
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Lemongrass for Your Dog & Cat.

Lemongrass has many healing benefits for both humans and pets alike. There are more than 50 different types of lemongrass but the lemongrass vari...
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Causes of Depression in Your Cat and Dog.

The definition of depression in the medical dictionary is "a lowering or decrease of functional activity". Or in psychiatry, "a mental state of a...
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Effects of Heat on Protein In Your Pet's Food

Raw feeding pets versus feeding your pet a cooked or processed diet is always a debated topic but one thing scientists do know is that ...
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