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Fulvic/Humic Acid For Cats & Dogs


Fulvic Acid known by the ancient Greeks as the "Body Preserver" and referred to in Ayurveda as 'Shilajit' or 'Salajeet', as the "Nectar of the Gods: for its ability to destroy weakness and aid vitality, is a substance produced in good soils with 60+ active ingredients and really, it should be included in your cat and dog's diet as a natural health supplement. 

Most people don't want to associate the early death of their dog or cat i.e. 6 to 12 years of age with the fact they have never fed their animal any real food and therefore any real nutrition. Adding in or increasing essential nutrients in the way of real minerals and vitamins into your pet's diet increases the longevity and overall health of your cat or dog. However essential nutrition needs to come from natural ingredients, not synthetics and real natural supplements provide a complex range of nutrients that can't be replaced by synthetics.

Fulvic acid is a rich deposit naturally produced via microbes in the soil that normally break down plant and animal matter thereby creating nutrients and major elements for plants to grow again, which we or animals then eat. Fulvic acid was gifted to us by Pachamama hence its superpower, to provide our bodies with a huge number of complete and complex elements that support excellent health. However, sadly our soils which should be nutrient dense and abundant with fulvic acid, are heavily depleted in everything we need to sustain life. Due to intensive farming, chemical fertilizers, chemicals found in water, chemicals constantly sprayed on the land, the effects of chemtrails, etc., all contribute to nutrient deficiencies the whole way up the food chain. If the integrity of our soils were better protected through proper farming techniques and real composting etc. then fulvic acid would be abundant in our foods, your pet would be happily able to eat good nutrient rich soil and therefore you wouldn't need to use or supplement your pet's diet.

Fulvic acid is now normally harvested from specific areas such as Pakistan where the soils have more ancient wisdom, and then the raw harvest is cleaned or purified so the end product looks like a very black resin. Importantly, the active ingredients found in fulvic acid are bio-available to the body unlike normal synthetic minerals sold for pets. Synthetic minerals and vitamins often consist of petroleum derivatives, nicotine, or coal tar and do more damage long term as they highjack the real minerals in the body. Whereby the body starts to take these synthetics up for metabolic processes thinking they are essential resources but they're actually depriving the body of real minerals and contribute to changing the natural pH of your cat or dog's terrain.

The only reason synthetic chemicals are added into a product is that industry manipulates food to make it last on the shelves and convenient for the consumer but ultimately they're striping any goodness out of the food. Most manufacturers have to throw something back in to balance the missing minerals and vitamins, and sadly they choose synthetics, as they are cheap and convenient. In the vast majority of cases manufacturers rarely if ever go the natural or the real whole food route, instead choosing cheap ingredients to maximum profits, as adding in real vitamins and minerals would increase their costs. 

Considering it's classed as "the nectar of the gods" it is why adding fulvic acid into your pet's diet is very beneficial to your pet's health, and it should be used as a natural health supplement instead of any synthetic based products. However, as with anything, you need to ensure you're purchasing a good quality and authentic product. 

Unfortunately, there are plenty of supposedly pure fulvic acid products that have been mixed with other ingredients, and these you want to avoid irrespective of how good the packaging tells you it is. The further away you are from the 100% natural pure product, the more you're likely to introduce contaminates. Also, stick with the individual ingredients, and then you can control the quality and quantity using the superior products you've purchased.

Don't be sucked in by marketing to believe the pet industry actually has the health of your animal as their main interest. Far from it. This is why it's super important that you as your pet's life guardian, take control. Understand what your pet needs and then you choose and buy better for the long-term health and well-being of your pet. Your cat and dog are wholly dependent on your decision-making and will bear the consequences of your choices, good and bad. For this very reason, spend your money wisely. 

The true power of fulvic acid is that it can't be replicated by the industry to the level of complexity that makes it bio-available for both the plant and animal kingdom. Mother Earth has taken the time to manufacture fulvic acid through the cycle of life and the breakdown of both animal and plant matter with all the intelligence of the soil microbes doing their thing, which is why it's so difficult for wo/man to re-create and stick a patent on it. Fulvic acid is so fundamental to life, it is known that we would not be able to exist on this plane without it.

Benefits of Fulvic Acid

  • Has antimicrobial properties
  • Natural health supplement created by the earth herself 
  • Health builder, nectar for the body
  • It has essential minerals needed by the body
  • It allows minerals and vitamins to be bioavailable to the body
  • Aids the uptake and absorption of vitamins and minerals on a cellular level including by the all-important mitochondria
  • Supplies trace elements from nutrient rich soils
  • Has essential amino acids
  • Contains plant derived nutrients
  • Helps reduce blood pressure
  • Powerful antioxidant
  • Is a natural anti-inflammatory
  • Supports vitality and longevity in pets
  • Helps reduce the frequency of your pet eating street rubbish, poo, etc. (as although most pets are not hungry as such, they are starved of real minerals and vitamins hence their natural instinct to seek out what is missing from their bodies).
  • Helps remove cellular waste from the body
  • Enhances the uptake of healing herbs and potentiates their effect
  • Aids detoxification and helps rejuvenate health on a cellular level
  • Maintains a healthy pH in the gut to support your cat and dog's natural terrain
  • Allows healthy and natural gut bacteria to flourish and multiply
  • Increases immune support 
  • Improves and increases neurotransmitters that influence cognitive function
  • Helps balance the metabolism
  • Supports the cardiac system
  • Anti-aging
  • Helps increase the rate of enzymatic reactions
  • Provides important electrolytes for the body
  • Helps maintain healthy skin, fur, and nails
  • Can help maintain healthy muscles, ligaments, tendons and speed up their repair
  • Can aid with healing burns, cuts, and abrasions
  • Helps heal insect bites
  • Helps to eliminate parasites, worms, ticks, etc.

Ailments Fulvic Acid Can Help

  • Leaky gut and other gut issues such as IBS as it makes cell walls more permeable increasing the uptake of nutrients and greatly improves gut flora
  • Weight loss as it increases the bio-availability of minerals for the body to naturally rebalance itself out of mineral deficiencies that contribute to excessive eating and cravings
  • Helps improve cognitive health issues due to fulvic acid's ability to improve neurotransmission
  • Helps with heavy metal detox and the illnesses associated with them as it aids the removal of heavy metals and other pollutants from your pet's body 
  • Is a mood enhancer and helps with depression, anxiety by aiding the release of stress
  • It can help calm aggressive dogs and cats as fulvic acid helps calm the nervous system
  • Diabetes as it helps balance blood sugars
  • Vaccine damage as it helps detox the body from heavy metals
  • Can help reduce the pain from arthritis as it's a natural anti-inflammatory and improves bone and joint health
  • Helps repair damaged tendons, ligaments, etc.
  • Can helps with reducing blood clots
  • Helps heal ulcerous wounds
  • Helps improve skin conditions and infections such as eczema, hot spots, etc.
  • Can help with certain eye diseases
  • Can aid with the death of cancerous cells by helping eliminate the toxins from the body
  • Can help protect the body against the effects of chemotherapy and radiation
  • Can help eliminate fungal infections as it's anti-microbial
  • Can help reduce the effects of allergies and asthma
  • Helps remove parasites and worms from the body without destroying them inside your pet's body and thereby leaving your pet to deal with the toxicity of dead worms and parasites

What Is The Difference Between Fulvic Acid and Humic Acid? 

Fulvic acid and Humic acid are humus compounds. They are formed from the organic breakdown of plant and animal matter that are naturally found in soils and they play a huge role in the health of our ecosystem. The work of the soil microbes and the whole intricate process of Mother Earth doing her thing in breaking down dead and decaying matter back to the earth to bring forth life again is what ultimately produces these acids. The acids then enable and support plant growth. It's the cycle of life for the soil and we should be receiving this "body preserver' through the new plant growth, but as mentioned above with all that we've done to destroy our soils most people and animals are missing out on these essential crucial to life natural supplements, Shilajit - the nectar of the Gods.

Fulvic and Humic acid are seen as the main elements in the humic substance but really dovetail into each other along with the other naturally occurring elements. In a nutshell, and without getting into the whole science of it all, they do very similar things although fulvic acid is more readily absorbed by the all-important mitochondria and cell membranes so it's thought of as being more able to eliminate and neutralize toxins. Whereas humic acid isn't permeable but is still as important. 

Is Fulvic Acid Safe For Pets?

Yes. A good product is very potent so you'll need to respect dosages but your cat and dog will greatly benefit from taking fulvic acid. It should be your "go-to" as a great natural health supplement rather than feeding synthetics. Fulvic acid should be classed as an essential ingredient for adding to your pet's food as it increases the body's ability to absorb nutrients and is a great natural detoxifier. Alongside raw feeding, fulvic/humic acid will have huge health benefits for your pet and totally uplevel your pet's mineral and vitamin intake.

To ensure you've got a good quality product the Fulvic acid or Shilajit should be fit for human consumption and be soluble in water (preferably distilled water). Ideally, you're looking for a product that contains 70+ different complexes. When you dissolve the fulvic acid, there may be some natural sediment at the bottom of the glass that still needs to be stirred or dissolved properly, but there should not be any impurities floating around or at the bottom that do not dissolve. When the fulvic acid has dissolved, you should be left with a nice brown but clear tea-like colour.

As with all things, it's about creating the right balance with what the body actually needs. Always start with less than more and find out what works for your individual cat or dog and aim to stick with the recommended feeding amounts. Or go for less quantity when starting out especially considering it can help detox the body so the last thing you want to do is send your beloved pet into a rapid detox spiral. Hence go slow and steady,

Side Effects

IMPORTANT - Due to its absorptive ability, it is not recommended to mix fulvic acid with tap water. Tap water is full of toxic chemicals (yes chloride and fluoride included - which is a known neurotoxin, endocrine disruptor, enzyme inhibitor, and mitochondria poison. Judicial findings in 3 landmark court cases have recognized that water fluoridation causes cancer. Fluoride also damages teeth and bones) (1). Hence toxic chemicals found in tap water will be absorbed by the fulvic acid which will then easily penetrate the cells and mitochondria in your pet. The aim is to keep your pet healthy so mix the powder with distilled water or properly filtered water only.

  • Check with your holistic vet prior to giving to pregnant and lactating dogs and cats
  • Check with your vet if your pet has a health condition
  • Check with your vet prior to giving this if your pet is on allopathic medication as it may have an impact on the absorption of allopathic drugs 
  • Due to fulvic acid's ability to aid absorption into the cells, bear in mind that if your pet is exposed to toxins it may in some instances increase the absorption of toxins, which is why it is imperative you source a good pure product so your cat or dog do not suffer any side effects from contaminates found in certain products.

All this being said, if you can begin giving this to your pet you should start to see some health improvements as it's a whole and complete supplement that no synthetic product could possibly ever compete with. Pachamama's natural supplement wipes the floor of every other synthetically produced supplement on the market. 

Irrespective of whether your dog or cat is poorly or chronically ill, the best way forward would be to work with your holistic vet to devise a plan so that you can include fulvic acid into your pet's diet and thereby aid healing. It is too important to your pet's overall health to be excluded even if your pet is in extremely poor health.

Fulvic Acid Dosage For Pets

Cats & Dogs

Please source the highest quality product you can. Do not compromise the quality of the product and therefore increase the risk of contamination with inferior products. A good quality product will have an earthy / farm smell.

Fulvic acid can be used internally or externally. Remember fulvic acid is an incredibly powerful supplement so do not overdo it. Less is more. Fulvic acid greatly increases the absorption of other things so be mindful of what you're adding it to such as the foods you're feeding your pet, herbs, water, etc. as aided by fulvic acid, everything will pretty much have a direct link into the heart of each cell.

Recommendations for use: 

Refer to the manufacturer's guidelines for specific applications as the quantity you feed will depend on whether you're giving your cat and dog the powder or drops you've purchased. Fulvic acid potentiates the uptake of nutrients, but it also helps the body detox. Go gently with your pet as some animals if given the full dosage to start with, and they have a lot of toxins in their body, can quickly go into detoxing which may last a few days to a few weeks depending on the individual animal. If this happens continue giving fulvic acid but reduce the amount you're giving until you see the symptoms disappear. Alternatively, start on the lowest recommended dosage by the manufacturer for a period of time to allow your pet's body to detox, cleanse itself whilst also up-leveling the nutrient uptake, increasing the quality of their gut flora, etc. then gradually work up to the recommended dosage by the manufacturer or as suggested by your holistic vet. 

General guide;

Internal: The amount you feed will be based on weight so adjust your pet's dosage accordingly. This is by no means a one-size-fits-all and will greatly depend on the actual product you've bought, hence follow the manufacturer's recommendations. Fulvic acid can be added directly to the food or added to clean water (distilled, purified, or filtered water. Not tap water). The recommended amount can be given throughout the day or all in one go. Find out what works best for your individual pet. 

External: Can be applied to the skin to help with wounds, burns, rashes, inflammation, etc. Can be applied twice a day until the issue has resolved itself. It can be mixed with clean water and made into a paste to be applied directly to the skin. Or you can add some fulvic acid powder to herbs that help with skin issues, olive or coconut oil to make a salve, and apply it directly to the skin. 

One of the best things you can do for your animal is to not only feed a species-appropriate diet but know where your closest certified veterinary homeopathy is, or a holistic vet. Most issues with animals are caused by poor nutrition or exposure to toxins. Herbal or homeopathy medicine works with the body to clear the toxins and sort out any deficiencies. 

Natural medicine is the superior preventative medicine and also has fewer known side effects than any allopathic medicine sold in standard vet practices. The deep connection animals have with the earth means they are innately connected to plants, soils, and real food. The more your keep these in your pet's diet the better for your cat and dog.

This article is not meant for diagnosis or treatment. Always consult with your holistic veterinarian for proper diagnosis and your pet's individual treatment plan.

NOW, we'd love to hear your feedback so LEAVE A COMMENT and feel free to share this with people you think will love it.

Natural lifestyle, naturally health, naturally thriving!!
(1) https://www.fluoridefreepeel.ca/about-us/


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